Time Flies When You’re Having Fun


By Mike Armbruster, Marine Systems Student Ambassador 

September 5th was a cool, calm, somewhat blissful morning down at the docks of IYRS. Eager, excitement, even a bit of nervousness was a common look among most of us new students arriving early for the first day. Immediately i realized this place was special. People from all walks of the earth all in one room with a common interest. It did not take long for chatter between classmates to fill the quietness that was there when we arrived. People from 18 years old to 60, people from France, England, Asia, and America providing a very diverse yet similar crowd. Nobody was a stranger that day, you could walk up to any table and spark a conversation of common interests. This in of itself makes IYRS very unique. 

Why you may ask? For the sole purpose of a bunch of hard working, determined team players all in one place, the possibilities become endless. We are all team players and focused individuals making a learning environment of success. 


The second day we all went to our respective programs and began bonding with our specific class. Right from the start i could see how similar all of us were no matter gender or ethnicity. Jokes being shot off left and right as well as people sharing their amazing stories of life. For someone young like me I found from the start one of the things I enjoyed the most was hearing older peoples testimonies and learning from their mistakes or success. Gaining valuable “intel” on life hacks. My grandfather always told me “knowledge is key as well as power,” and man is he right. The more I learn the more i can better myself in my career or myself as a whole. 

Before we knew it the first week was over and history. We all knew each other now, maybe not by name just yet, but as a person. Good instructors make for fun interesting days sometimes making you wanting to stay an extra hour just because it’s interesting. We all got assigned a bench partner and paired up in teams of 2. But that mattered none because any one of us wouldn’t hesitate for a second to help out our neighbors. 

Its funny how a simple act such as a loud speaker playing music can bring people together even more. Identifying the class clowns wasn’t hard for they make laughter and smiles fill the room for the duration of the day. It just really makes things fun to learn about and do when you have a bunch of really cool people surrounding you and actually physically enjoying what we are doing. The more time we spent together the more we bonded as a group, feeding off one another and each individuals knowledge learning new things everyday and how we could do a task better. 

Before I knew it the first month was over and in the books. Everything I hoped IYRS would be met and even exceeded my expectations proving to be a good choice for coming here. Myself and my classmates are now a tight knit group hanging out on the weekends, to tossing the pigskin during lunch break. 

If you surround yourself with people who push you to better yourself you have no where to go but up and forward.