Spotlight on Two IYRS Composite Students Internships


Peter Rosenfeld, Goetz Composites, Bristol, RI
IYRS School of Composites Technology student Peter Rosenfeld will be completing a one-month internship with Goetz Composites in Bristol, RI to finish up his time in the composites program.

High-tech maker Eric Goetz is the founder of Goetz Composites and a friend of the school. Eric has participated in events such as the Mastering the Craft summer series and roundtable.

About Goetz Composites:
Goetz Composites was founded to transform innovative ideas into high tech manufactured products.  We are experts in weight-saving, high strength techniques developed out of America’s Cup campaigns, and make these methods accessible to visionaries in diverse markets.


Eric Jennings, Vespoli, New Haven, CT
IYRS School of Composites Technology student Eric Jennings will be completing his one-month internship with Vespoli in New Haven, CT.

About Vespoli:
Vespoli is a company which manufactures world-class racing shells for rowing.

“The Vespoli tradition of innovation and excellence continues to create new, better, standard setting products for rowing. Our commitment to build the fastest, highest quality rowing shells and support them with quality customer service grows stronger each year. Our company commitment to “speed, service and value” has made us “Number One” for the past twenty-five years. Team Vespoli’s daily commitment to these values will keep us “Number One” for the next twenty-five!”


IYRS School of Composites Technology students work with the career services team at IYRS to secure a one-month externship that fits their career goals, which they must complete before graduating from the program. Additionally, throughout the 6-month program IYRS students are prepared to identify internship opportunities, develop job search skills, learn industry research methods, write a resume, develop interviewing skills, and learn valuable networking skills.