Marine Systems Externship: Jesse Smerald


Florida native Jesse Smerald is building himself quite a set of skills to work in the marine industry. First, Jesse became a certified marine mechanic at the Marine Mechanic Institute in Orlando, FL. Next, Jesse got his advanced composites training with IYRS School of Composites Technology. And now, he is looking to finish up his Marine Systems program at IYRS. He’ll complete his externship with The Hinckley Company at their production facility in Trenton, Maine. Who knows, maybe he’ll pop up in the Boatbuilding & Restoration complete to the tri-fecta of IYRS programs?

About The Hinckley Company:
The name is synonymous with the highest levels of yachting. Craftsmanship rooted in Maine’s maritime heritage. Innovation. Service. Performance. These are not merely attributes of the Hinckley Company; they are our core values. For those who already belong to the family of Hinckley owners, we welcome you back. For those interested in pursuing a relationship with Hinckley, we invite you to look deeper into our company, our personnel, and the yachts recognized around the world as an expression of tradition, passion, and the joy of yachting.

IYRS School of Marine Systems students work with the career services team at IYRS to secure a one-month externship that fits their career goals, which they must complete before graduating from the program. Additionally, throughout the 6-month program IYRS students are prepared to identify internship opportunities, develop job search skills, learn industry research methods, write a resume, develop interviewing skills, and learn valuable networking skills.