Externship to Employment


Summer Externships

The externship program is often a pivotal moment in a student’s education…

…this is the first opportunity that he or she is able to apply his or he recently honed skilled in the workforce where the pace and expectations are less forgiving.  Students are typically surprised at how much they know and often remark on the differences between learning these skills in an educational setting and applying them at work.  One student from our Marine Systems program remarked, “I was able to use skills learned at IYRS and wasn’t out of my depth in any areas (although I have a lot to learn still).”

We are grateful to all of our industry partners that participate in the externship program.  The students in our Marine Systems and Composites students go out on a 4-week, 140 hour externship in February and August.  Our Boatbuilding & Restoration students go out on a 5-week, 175 hour externship in the summer.  Taking on a student as an extern is often very rewarding for our employers and a great opportunity to grow their workforce.




Additional information about getting involved in our externship program: http://iyrs.edu/employers-and-industry/student-externship-information-employers/

Additional information about where our students have gone on externships and jobs after graduation: http://iyrs.edu/job-stats-and-outlook/

Thank you to all of our industry partners for your continued support and to our students for your hard work and dedication.