Right from the beginning of their IYRS experience, our students are immersed in an intense hands-on and team based environment. Their experiential learning journey leads to our innovative internship program. Here they are expected to join an employer and enhance their abilities with real-world experience as they prepare to move into a future career.

Colton Collins at Outerlimits

In today’s job market, employers demand dedication, excellence, efficiency and expert ability out of their employees. Our internship program is mutually beneficial to employers and students as it requires students to be prepared to step into a role and make an immediate impact – so much so that typically more than half of our interns receive job offers.

Throughout their internship, IYRS students are required to keep detailed work logs. They later present their internship experience to instructors and peers as a prerequisite for graduation. Internship supervisors are given a Work Values Rating Sheet to evaluate the performance of all IYRS interns.

The IYRS internship program helps students in the following areas:

  • Confidence & Skill Building
  • Gaining Real World Experience
  • Understanding Expectations of Industry Companies
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Identifies or Confirms Ideal Career Paths
  • Enhances a Students Resume & Marketability