One of the more unique aspects of IYRS is that no matter which program you attend, your experience is individualized to that of your classmates. The projects you complete may vary from year to year – for example, in the Composites Technology program students choose and complete a “passion project” and graduate the program having built something they are proud to own and keep.

Composites Technology Program


Each student in the Composites Technology program chooses, plans, and completes the build of a passion project. Using the skills and knowledge they obtain throughout the beginning of the program, students generally choose to build an item that correlates to their lifestyle – guitars, skateboards, surfboards, snowboards, car parts, canoes, automobiles and much more.  Students are responsible for their projects from start to finish, designing their project using Computer Animated Design (CAD) then proceeding with utilizing the build studios, advanced building materials and innovative techniques to complete their build project.

The process of manufacturing an individual project helps build project management skills, analytic and problem-solving skills, and allows students to gain the experience of conceptualizing and completing a project from start to finish.

Marine Systems Program

The Panel

IYRS students and instructors using a panel

When Marine Systems students arrive in The Brooks Building, a 20,000 square foot waterfront shop and build space, they find themselves in a brand new facility equipped with the finest tools and machinery that will enable them to learn and experience all aspects of installing, maintaining, troubleshooting and repairing the many different and varied parts, devices and accessories that fall under the field of marine systems.

Throughout the year students build free-standing and complete panels that contain most of the important and essential systems that go into modern boats today. These panels are a marvel to look at and excellent platforms for demonstration.

Student panels are a progressive effort which encompass all aspects of classroom learning; marine electrical, electronics, sanitation, fuel systems, steering systems, AC & refrigeration, fire protection, systems, and diesel engines.

Boatbuilding & Restoration Program

Female boatbuilder working on classroom priject at iyrs

Students gain experience on boats of all shapes and sizes throughout their two years in the program. Beginning with the restoration of a Beetle Cat in their first year, Boatbuilding & Restoration program students’ progress to a larger restoration project in their second year. Second year projects vary each year.

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