First Year Project: Beetle Cats


The Beetle Company began building these charming catboats in 1921. In 1946, the Concordia Company purchased the molds from John Beetle and continued to build the boats. Today, Beetle, Inc. carries on building them in traditional wood construction. More than 3,000 have been launched. The Beetle Cat is the foundation of the first year of the IYRS Boatbuilding & Restoration program. LOA: 12′ 4″ Beam: 6′

Second Year Boats to be Restored

Maria (1946)
Type: Alden One-Design; Designers: Carl Alberg, John Alden; Builder: Quincy Adams Yacht Yard

John Alden design #757 came off the drawing board of Carl Alberg during World War II. Thirty boats were built in 1946 and 1947 to the highest standards of the day by Quincy Adams Yacht Yard at Quincy, MA. The boats were available with or without a cabin trunk and a minimum of accommodations below deck. Maria’s hull form’s short keep and narrow waterlines reduce wetted surface while the long overhangs increase her sailing length dramatically as she heels in a breeze. Her well-balanced long ends give her a stunning look. LOA: 37′ 9″; Beam: 7′

Patrol (1939)
Type: Harbor Launch; Designer: Bigelow; Builder: Bigelow

Bigelow, a well-known Cape boat builder, built Patrol for the Edgartown Yacht Club. She was used as a harbor launch to ferry club members to and from their boats moored in the harbor. Patrol has seen some heavy use in her life and has been repaired several times. LOA: 28′; Beam: 8′ 6″

Dominique (1937)
Type: International One Design; Designer: Bjarne Aas; Builder: Bjarne Aas, Frederikstad, Norway

Cornelius Shields brought the International One Design class to fruition after seeing one of Bjarne Aas’ 6-meter boats in Bermuda.  Shields wanted a one-design class to replace the smaller Sound Interclub class on Long Island Sound.  With two partners, the first 25 boats were ordered and began arriving in the US in December 1936.  The class has a remarkable reputation and has attracted some of the ablest sailors in more than five countries. LOA: 33′ 5″; Beam: 4′ 8″