The Story of “Kate,” a J/22 Boat


This story is so Newport.

WindCheck Magazineshares the story of “Kate,” a J/22 boat that belongs to Newport Yacht Club, whose repair/restoration/resurrection was led by our very own Kelsey Britton (Composites Technology Instructor) and the recently graduated Spring 2018 class of Composites Technology.

To recap: Newport YC accepts donation of a J/22 that needs some serious work. Right down the street is one of the world’s premier marine trades instructional centers, IYRS. They have a composites class. Kelsey Britton, a third-generation boat builder, is an instructor who said, “Yup” when the idea of having her IYRS composites students get some real-world experience rebuilding said J/22. The boat was hauled in early 2018 and first parked at Maritime Solutions (MSI), “The Inflatable Guys,” owned by NYC member Dick Cromwell (Thanks, Dick!) in Portsmouth. It was there in early February that the boat was first really surveyed and inspected to determine the scope of work (just what exactly Kelsey had said “Yes” to) to be undertaken. Measurements were taken, discussions on the work with Jon Bixby, Chairman of NYC’s Junior Sailing Committee, and Barry Ripley, Minister of The Boats, at the club. Weather came and went, work started and stopped in between weather, and ultimately the boat was moved down to Newport.

Thanks to the IYRS composites team, and a supporting cast of characters, the boat could again be used for “Adventure Sailing” by kids in the summer program at Newport Yacht Club.

Nice work, and a nice story all around that we are proud our faculty and students could be involved in.