New Blog Post: On Soundtracks and the Start of the Second Year


Pulling frames out of the steam box on a chilly day last November.

By Daniel Mollet
2nd Year Student Ambassador for the Boatbuilding & Restoration Program at IYRS.

Before I came to IYRS, a friend of mine used to say that I lived my life to the theme song of Bonanza. I was, at the time, living and teaching abroad, traveling often, and during vacations I often found myself on cliffsides overlooking Peru’s Sacred Valley or standing in the middle of a waterfall or walking under the northern lights in Norway or eating at one of the world’s best restaurants or…you get the idea. I spent a lot of time in front of a classroom or in faculty meetings or grading stacks of essays as well, but I understood what my friend meant, and I was so charmed by his selection of the Bonanza theme that I would sometimes play it after a day of particularly incredible peak experiences. Even though most of my life was consumed with work and housekeeping and the rest of the stuff that we all do, I was aware that I had more free time and opportunities for travel than most, and the Bonanza theme became a way to take a minute and recognize my good fortune.