IYRS Mastering the Craft Roundtable Goes to New York



The fourth annual roundtable for the first time was held outside of Newport.  Moderated by Alice Frelinghuysen, Curator of the American Decorative Arts at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the roundtable gives voice to IYRS in the national maker builder discussion about craft and high-end making, whether by hand or through the use of technology.  Roundtable speakers were Met Conservator Marijn Manuels, author, teacher, glass-blower and musician William Gundenrath, fourth generation silversmith Ubaldo Vitali, and Philadelphia U. of Arts professor and jewelry-maker Sharon Church.


The conversations centered on technology and making, the creative processes, and learning over time through doing.  The roundtable was held in the Model Room at New York Yacht Club – a fitting place of exceptional craft in both architecture and scaled models of many historic yachts and race boats.  IYRS plans to hold more roundtables with notable artists, craftspeople and makers, including in Florida, Newport and again in New York.

For more information, please contact Terry Nathan at [email protected].