IYRS Continues Relationship with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)



IYRS School of Composites Technology closed out an exciting and successful 2014 by continuing to expand upon a relationship with the School of Architecture and Planning at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) through collaborative efforts which bring together both school’s students, staff and faculty.

IYRS and MIT Collaborate

Most recently, Henry Elliot, IYRS Composites Technology Lead Instructor, conducted a three-day training workshop on the MIT campus in the School of Architecture and Planning facilities. The workshop was coordinated through Justin Lavallee, Technical Instructor and the Director of the Architecture Shops at MIT, and was attended by select MIT staff and faculty.

“The goal of the workshop was to educate MIT staff and enhance their understanding in basic composite materials, processes and safety so they may better direct and guide their students in their various shops and lab spaces,” said Henry Elliot.

Mr. Elliot provided a fresh and new perspective to an education in architecture and offered curriculum and lesson plan enhancements for hands-on learning, as well as advising the necessary equipment and materials needed to safely and effectively use these materials in the MIT shops and labs.

News-IYRS-MIT-Collaboration-2“The Workshop began with an introduction to composite materials, followed by an in-depth hands-on exploration of epoxy mixing and metering, wet layup, and wet vacuum bagging and infusion,” added Mr. Elliot. “These workshops are highly effective for all involved and help move composites education in the right direction.”

The seminar is another example of the evolving collaborative relationship between IYRS School of Composites Technology and the Department of Architecture at MIT. Past collaborations have included student workshops to help enhance students’ theoretical understanding of composites and their use in manufacturing industries by actually creating the materials under the supervision of IYRS staff and students.