Boards, Boats and a Bicycle Helmet: A Composites Technology Story


Cast of Characters

Kyle Orvis

Wyatt Jeffries

Zac Caruso


The Composites Technology program at IYRS is an immersive six-month training program, with an externship, in advanced composite technologies…

The demand for lighter, stronger building materials, and the people who know how to work with them has never been greater. And the driving force behind this next generation of manufacturing is a composites technology revolution.

Our hands-on, industry-leading Composites Technology program is one of a kind, where no two days are alike. At IYRS, you’ll learn transformative, future-forward skills including a number of composite manufacturing methods, proficiency in CAD/CAM technology, and experience with 2D and 3D tools.

Upon graduation, you’ll be uniquely positioned for not just a job, but a deeply rewarding career. We’ll prepare you to sit for American Composites Manufacturing Association certification exams and help connect you with exciting employers across the spectrum of composite manufacturing industries.

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