IYRS School of Technology & Trades presents Mastering the Crafta lecture series in which acclaimed and accomplished makers and craftspeople share their knowledge with members of the IYRS community. The series culminates in an interesting & insightful roundtable discussion amongst all series participants.

2016 Mastering the Craft Roundtable



2015 Mastering the Craft Roundtable


Rhett Butler, E.R Butler & Co.
Warren Barker, IYRS School of Boatbuilding & Restoration
Jeffrey Greene, Fine Furniture Maker
Eric Goetz, Goetz Composites
Richard “Chip” Benson, Printer and Photographer
Clint Clemens, Commercial Photographer

2014 Mastering the Craft Roundtable


Matt Dunham, Clear Carbon & Components
Ben Hall & Pete Levesque, Hall Composites
Henry Eliot & Dirk Kramer, IYRS School of Composites Technology
Steve Nolet, TPI Composites
Ping Fu, 3D Systems
Richard Saul Wurman, Information Architect

2013 Mastering the Craft Roundtable


Nick Benson, The John Stevens Shop
Clint Clemens, Action Oriented Commercial Photographer
Peter Diepenbrock, Sculptor and Designer
Howard Newman, Sculptor and Restorer
Clark Poston, Boatbuilder, Woodworker, and Author of IYRS Programs
Benoit Rolland, French Master Artisan, Bow Maker and 2012 MacArthur Fellow
Didi Suydam, Jeweler and Digital Artist
Moderated by Richard Saul Wurman, Founder of the TED Conference and Publisher of over 80 Books.