In the Marine Systems program at IYRS, we fit a lot of learning into a practical 6-month career training program. A few of the important certifications you may walk away from our program with are various American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) Certifications.

Earn ABYC Certifications at IYRS

Earn ABYC Certifications at IYRS

Marine Electrical

ABYC Certification Marine ElectricalIndividuals with the Marine Electrical ABYC Certification typically possess knowledge and experience with Electrical fundamentals, AC Shore Power Systems, Cable Installation and Termination, AC Generators, Maintaining and Installing Battery Systems, AC Panel boards, Battery Charging Systems, DC Panel boards, Inverters AC Components, DC Components, and Safety Equipment.

Marine Diesel

ABYC Certification Marine Diesel EngineIndividuals with the Marine Diesel ABYC Certification typically possess knowledge and experience fixing, maintaining and troubleshooting diesel engines cooling systems, electrical systems, fuel systems, ventilation systems, exhaust systems, control systems, fuel injection, and drive systems.


Marine Systems

ABYC Certification Marine SystemsIndividuals with the Marine Systems ABYC Certification typically possess knowledge and experience fixing, maintaining and troubleshooting Potable Water Systems, Waste Water Systems, Tanks, Plumbing, Electrical Installation, System Monitoring, Compressed Gas Systems for cooking and heating, Hydraulic Systems, AC and Refrigeration Systems, and Pump Systems.

Information pulled directly from ABYC Certifications description page.

What is the Value of ABYC Certifications?

American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) is a non-profit organization who for years have set the safety standards for working with boats of all sizes. Knowing design, repair, maintenance and safety standards is critical to success when working on boats, and in the marine trades industry in general.

Considered the “gold standard” of certifications, IYRS students sit for three ABYC certification exams which, if passed, qualifies IYRS graduates to be considered “ABYC Certified Master Technicians,” opening many career doors including being listed in ABYC’s online searchable database of master technicians.