“The curricula are designed to meet industry needs—even as our industry evolves. So we know that an IYRS graduate has the skill-set we’re looking for.” – New England Boatworks

An IYRS student will not graduate our programs with one specific skill which prepares them for one job function exclusively. Our curriculums are designed to give students experience and exposure to a broad range of techniques, processes, materials and knowledge, allowing these skills to be applied across a wide range of industries.

IYRS student using a CNC Machine

Typically, IYRS students find that because of their new or enhanced skill-set, along with the reputation and network of IYRS, their career goals are established and attainable immediately after graduation.

Alumni Career Paths

Graduates of our programs have gone on to work on extraordinary projects with fascinating employers, or went in to business for themselves. Some work with top manufacturers, local manufacturers, within the marine industry at small and large shops, many have gone on to international careers, and some have continued their education at IYRS or at a four year college.
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School of Composites Technology

As the manufacturing industry continues to evolve; the desire to build using advanced materials which are lighter, faster and stronger exists in industries such as, but not limited to, aerospace, aviation, wind energy, automotive, marine, construction, military, and medical.
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School of Marine Systems

Through valued certifications and hands-on experience with the systems that make a boat function at top performance, IYRS graduates are positioned to excel in the workforce. IYRS helps build troubleshooting and problem-solving skills which lead to a fundamental understand of how each system contributes to a working product.
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School of Boatbuilding & Restoration

Students who graduate from IYRS do not depart as just “boatbuilders,” rather, as highly skilled craftspeople.  Mastering “making” techniques allows students to apply their abilities to a wide range of projects using traditional or modern materials. A sample career of an IYRS graduate may be a carpenter, woodworker, boatbuilder, joinery specialist, cabinet maker, or curatorial specialist.
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