career training for high school graduates

Your high school education is unquestionably vital to your preparation for life. However, if you’re ready to look beyond traditional learning and start preparing for a future fueled by innovation, excitement, passion and craftsmanship, IYRS presents an alternative path to a successful career. If a desk job, cubicle and writing two-hundred page reports for a boss you’ve never met is not your style, you should consider career training for high school graduates at IYRS.

Do the following characteristics describe you?

  • You prefer to learn visually and hands-on as opposed to verbally.
  • You have a passion for making things with your hands.
  • Problem solving has always been a skill of yours.
  • You can work both independently and as a team.
  • You’ve spent countless hours on Youtube watching how-to videos.
  • You believe you can help shape the future of the marine industry & beyond.

What sets IYRS apart for high school graduates?

  • Students may depart with a number of key certifications useful in many industries.
  • IYRS programs are either 6-month or two year, thus graduates join the workforce quickly.
  • Our curriculums are designed specifically around the needs of employers with yearly audits by leading companies & businesses within multiple industries.
  • Our internship & job placement rates far exceed those of traditional two and four year higher education institutions.


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