An education at IYRS is hands-on, wrapped in career skills development, including teamwork, problem-solving, project management, and critical thinking. We prepare graduates to make immediate contributions on the job. They are employees that employers want to invest in for the long-term – in part because IYRS students are taught to embrace learning as a lifelong experience.

IYRS staff talks with guests

Join a Giving Society

Restoration Society

Embrace the IYRS legacy and core values of restoration and preservation of craft that are at the very foundation of our school.

Annual gifts of $10,000, or above, for three years
Donors to the Restoration Society have extraordinarily deep impact on the student experience and our ability to ensure positive student outcomes.

Charter Scholarship Society

Help make an IYRS education possible. These gifts are made to the IYRS general scholarship fund.

Annual gifts of $5,000 for three years
Donors to the Charter Scholarship Society make an IYRS education possible for some through scholarships and financial aid.

Maker Society

Provide for the many materials, tools, equipment and facilities needed for an IYRS education.

Annual Gifts of $1,000 for three years
Donors to the Maker Society support the breadth and scope of making and transforming materials that occurs every day at IYRS.

Donors in All Giving Societies Receive:

  • Invitations to private receptions, annual winter event, private showings, exhibits and presentations
  • Recognition lapel pin
  • Recognition and listing in our annual report

For more information and to arrange a private tour of our school, contact:
Lindsay Mitchell, Director of Philanthropy, (401) 848-5777, ext. 209

IYRS is a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit educational organization with federal tax identification of 05-0470320.

Giving Society Members


Becky and Chuck Allen
Walter and Marguerite Bopp
Stephen and Nuala Duffy
East Passage Boatwrights
Edwin Ecclestone
Bob Eichler and Greg Oram
Mark Infante
Edward M. Kaye
Jens Lange
Suzanna and John Laramee
Ian and Susan McColough
Lindsay and Leeds Mitchell IV
Stacy and Bob Schmetterer
Bernard Wharton and Jennifer Walsh
Stephen W. Wolfe


Christy and David Elwell, Jr.
Greater Houston Community Foundation
David C. Hubbard


Chris Cannon and Carol Hopkins
Pamela and David B. Ford
Anne and Larry Glenn
Tricia and James A. Hilton, Sr.
Gerry and Karen Migliaccio
Ronald P. O’Hanley
Roseanne and Dennis Williams
Bill and Nancy Zeitler

Restoration Society Members
Beetle Cat

Donna and Blake Banky
Carol and Miles Bidwell
Marlene and Carl Coppola
Katherine and Elijah
Danielle and Ned Ginty
Elaine Godowsky and Dr. James McAraw
Alice and Stuart Goldman
Sara and Neal Harrell
Tricia and James A. Hilton, Sr.
Robin and William N. Hubbard II
Amy and David Jaffe
Patti and Bruce Johnson
Marilyn Kanter and Terry Nathan
Candace and Peter R. Kolyer
Cynthia and Steve Landis
Bonny Longley and Bill Morong
Dr. Jorge Menendez
John Neczesny
The Nicholas Family
Carol O’Malley and Nick Harry
The C N and Maria Papadopoulos Charitable Foundation
Joseph Robillard
Donna and Stuart Robinson
Ann and Richard S. Rudick
Betsy and Jonathan Stapleton

Herreshoff 12 ½

Martha and Taylor Allen
Sally and Damon Ball
Dr. Holly Bannister and Douglas Newhouse
Johnice Comer and David Dombert
Susan Monk and Edward Henry

Dorade/ Bolero

Dayton T. Carr
Rindy and Michael Dominguez