Composites Technology and Digital Modeling & Fabrication Applicants: Students for Fall 2018 Receive A Make Anything Possible™ Grant of $5,000 Toward Tuition, Plus, $1,000 Tool and Technology Credit!


Selected Scholarships Also Available:

  • Composites Technology 50/50 Tuition Award*
  • Digital Fabrication 50/50 Tuition Award*
  • Composites Technology $5,000 Merit Scholarship Award
  • Digital Fabrication $5,000 Merit Scholarship
  • van Beuren Charitable Foundation $5,000 Scholarship awarded to a Rhode Island resident
  • Discretionary general scholarship awards are also available
*50/50 tuition scholarships cannot be combined with Make Anything Possible™ Grants or Alumni Discounts


Let’s explore the opportunities that may help you finance your IYRS experience.

To learn more, fill out the form below or contact Student Services at studentservic[email protected] or call 401-848-5777, extension 223.