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CAD-Software-Designed-GuitarComputer Aided Design (CAD) has almost totally eclipsed traditional drawing and drafting in design and manufacturing. CAD refers to powerful software which dramatically accelerates the design/manufacturing process and allows, even encourages, global collaboration.

CNC Machines read computer-aided-design (CAD) files which instruct the machine the milling pattern, including the tool path; where to move; and how fast to move when milling a material.

Composites Technology students spend approximately four weeks learning CAD software on the Rhino3D CAD software & platform. Students demonstrate their CAD proficiency by creating a virtual model of an object they will produce in the composites shop.

Computer-Aided-Manufacturing (CAM) & CNC Machine Training

CNC-Machine-TrainingThe other piece of this digital revolution is Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). There is a misguided belief that we don’t manufacture anything in the U.S. anymore. In fact, manufacturing is strong, but we are producing more with many fewer people. What makes this possible is CAM utilizing Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinery.

Once IYRS Composite students have demonstrated CAD competence, they are introduced to CAM. The students will begin this by learning the rudiments of G code, the machine language for virtually all CNC machines. From there they will learn to use RhinoCam which is a software plugin operating in the Rhino CAD environment. This powerful software facilitates the generation of complicated machine operations and tool paths that are automatically converted to G code.

All of this knowledge allows an individual to “bring the virtual to life.” These digital skills are extremely valuable throughout our advanced manufacturing economy.

CAD & CNC Machine Training Process and Skills

• Understand the Conventions of CAD Drawings
• Generate 2D Drawings & 3D Surfaces Using Rhino Software
• Use an Existing 2D CAD Drawing to Generate a 3D Surface
CNC-Machine-Operator-Training-IYRS• Understand How to Create 2D and 3D Tool Paths Using RhinoCam Software
• Understand the Safe Use of CNC Machines
• Understand the Operation of CNC Machining Center Including Part Setup
• Ability to Load & Run a 5-Axis Machining File
• Accurately Fabricate a Tool From Design to High Quality Finish Product Using CNC Machine

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