Throughout their IYRS experience, students are inspired and guided towards a fulfilling and meaningful career by building an in-demand skill-set. Our curricula are specifically designed based on fulfilling the needs of the industry and closing the skills gap, and our IYRS externship program requires real-world application of a student’s education.

Our career development team works one-on-one with each student to help establish individual goals and a plan to achieve them.

Students spend a considerable amount of time with a career development team dedicated to helping students identify strategies that can lead to successful completion of an externship and graduation.

Career development team members will help students:

• Identify externship opportunities
• Develop job search skills
• Explore career opportunities
• Learn career & industry research methods
• Write a resume
• Develop interview skills
• Develop critical networking skills

IYRS students come from all different backgrounds and walks of life, and our staff works with students to help identify a path to a rewarding career!

Sample Career Development Schedule

September: Self Assessment Workshop
October: Professional Communication Workshop
Individual Career Counseling sessions
December: Resume Writing Workshops & Individual Resume Reviews
 Individual Career Counseling  & Interview Preparation Workshop
Industry Externship
March: IYRS Career Day