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Accredited programs at IYRS incorporate externships as a critical component of a student’s study plan. As an experiential learning school, we believe that externships are a critical component in preparing graduates for successful careers. Companies who take on IYRS students agree, as many of our externship placements have led to job offers, making hosting a student a worthwhile long-term investment for employers.

Externship Details & Expectations

• The externship is fulfilled at your facilities and under your supervision.
• The experience is typically 4-5 weeks in length and should be a normal work-week expected of your employees.
• Work assignments should be aligned with the abilities and knowledge of the student and not place the student in unsupervised circumstances.
• IYRS will provide information about any legal questions you have.
• Students in the Marine Systems and Composites Technology programs go on externship in February and August and are required to complete 140 hours at your facility.
• Students in the Boatbuilding & Restoration program go on externship in July and are required to complete 175 hours at your facility.
• Students in the Digital Modeling & Fabrication program go on externship in July and are required to complete 150 hours at your facility.

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Many Companies Report Multiple Benefits Through IYRS Externships

In today’s job market, externships have become increasingly beneficial to both job applicants and employers. The payoff for both is invaluable, allowing students to apply what they have learned in the classroom while supporting the employer.

Benefits to employers include:

• Better screening of potential employees prior to a full-time commitment
• Less turnover among interns later hired as employees
• Reduced overall training cost
• A more qualified pool of future applicants when peak needs demand quick response
• Enthusiastic potential employees who bring energy and often greater commitment
• Consider it as both a feeder and an important part of your staffing plan
• IYRS students are well trained in teamwork and can add value to your current team-based projects

Externship FAQ

Can I have a student start working with me next week?

The externship program has a specific schedule. Students in the Marine Systems & Composites Technology programs complete their 140 hour externship in February and August. The Boatbuilding & Restoration students typically complete their 175 hour externship in late June- July. For specific dates please review the academic calendar.

How can I tell IYRS students about my business?

If you are interested in having a student work with your company, the first step is to let us know that you would like to participate in the externship program. Please be sure to express your interest in the program filling out the form at the bottom of the page and we will share that information with the students. Students also learn about companies through our annual Career Day so make plans to attend.

How can I get the best student in the class to come to my business for their externship?

The best way to determine if a student is qualified to work at your business is to have the student in for an interview. If you would like specific information about their performance in the program, please ask the student for a copy of his/her transcript. You can also ask the student if he/she passed the industry exams such as ABYC or ACMA. If you need additional information, you can request that the student provides you with references or a letter of recommendation.

When will I know if a student would like to work with my company for their externship?

Students self-select their externship through a process that includes career counseling with IYRS faculty and staff as well as a series of assignments. IYRS staff will typically begin reaching out to employers approximately two months prior to the start of the externship.

Am I required to compensate the student on externship?

Although not required, the majority of students on externship are compensated for their time. The amount of compensation varies significantly across industries and geographically. Compensation should be discussed directly with the student. Some students may require a paid externship, particularly if they need to relocate for the experience, whereas other students may be able to accept an unpaid offer. Please be up front with your communication regarding compensation.

Can I hire the student outright or do I have to go through the externship program?

If you have determined that you would like to hire the student, IYRS asks that you respect that the externship program is part of our curriculum. In this situation, most employers will use the externship as an extended interview and will make the students an offer at the conclusion of the externship. Please feel free to discuss hiring plans directly with the student so that they can make an informed decision about their externship placement.


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