As an experiential learning school, we believe that externships are a critical final stage in preparing graduates for successful careers. Companies who take on IYRS students agree, as many of our externship placements have led to job offers, making hosting a student a worthwhile long-term investment for employers.

The externship represents an educational strategy that links classroom learning and student interest with the acquisition of knowledge in an applied work setting. If your company is interested in hosting an IYRS student who is heading out on an externship, click through to learn more and get in contact with a member of our career development team.


IYRS students graduate our experiential education and training programs prepared with a range of scaleable and adaptable skills to meet the ever-changing needs of the global manufacturing and maker economies. Our curricula are designed to give students experience and exposure to a broad range of techniques, processes, materials and knowledge, allowing these skills to be applied across a wide range of industries and job functions.

Post an opportunity to our job board and we will circulate it through our talent pool of highly-skilled craftspeople, technicians, problem-solvers, artisans, creatives & makers!