A critical component of an IYRS experience is career planning – working with students throughout their program, our career development team helps explore employment options based on a variety of factors and ambitions; geography, industry, company size, job function, company culture, and various personal factors.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to developing a career path and securing employment, so thinking about what drives and motivates you sooner rather than later is recommended.


Building with lighter, faster, stronger materials, producing quality products here in the U.S., and being more cost effective is a growing trend in domestic manufacturing industry. Composites are gaining traction for use throughout industrialized economies, including automotive, aviation, defense and military, marine, construction, medical and many other industries, and our alumni are getting ahead of this growing trend with industry leading advanced material manufacturers.

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Local manufacturing helps invigorate and grow local economies, providing quality jobs and opportunities to local talent. The benefits of local manufacturing and fabrication operations often mean the area can sustain a solid local supply chain, where the benefits can be shared and multiple businesses and business owners can grow and continue to create jobs and growth opportunity.

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IYRS is recognized world-wide as a leader in training for careers in the marine trades. From the world’s premier restoration yards and mega-yacht makers in the U.S. and Europe, to innovation hubs in Rhode Island, New Zealand and beyond, to cutting edge race projects like the Volvo and America’s Cup, IYRS grads can be found among the most challenging and influential projects. From designing to fabricating to repair work, an IYRS education will help you make waves in your career in the marine trades.

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You have likely heard the term “jack-of-all-trades,” often in reference to an individual who can wear many hats, move quickly, and work across job functions and departments to solve challenges in the workplace. Many graduates of IYRS have a desire to work at a smaller shop, fabricator, manufacturer or boat yard as it provides a more intimate, personal work environment, whether they are working with boats, product design, restoration. IYRS maintains close relationships with many local maker, manufacturer, and marine industry shops and operations – in fact, many of them are owned by IYRS alumni!

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If you’re inspired to work for industry leaders who are designing, innovating, and making big impact on the economy such as The Hinckley Company, Autodesk, Electric Boat, Hasbro, and so many more, you’ll be among some of the most connected individuals, expert faculty and industry partners right here at IYRS who can help you get your foot in the door!

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Perhaps the Bermuda or Caribbean island life or Germany, Denmark, South Korea or Australia and many other desirable international locations are part of your career plan. If you’re not looking to stay in the U.S., there are many appealing island and international locations looking for skills that you’ll learn right here at IYRS.

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With the influx in tools, technologies, and platforms that increase global connectivity right at our fingertips, many students and alumni are able to enter these marketplaces and offer custom-built products either “on the side” or perhaps even as a primary source of income. The Etsy’s, eBay’s, Instagram’s and even Amazon’s of the internet can help connect craftspeople and makers with buyers. Your best bet, though, will be to augment your presence on established platforms by building your own website, blog, and online storefront to sell your goods and services!

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Many students who graduate from an IYRS program choose to increase their marketability and broaden their skills by entering into a second IYRS program. The more you know, the more you grow, and there is no shortage of knowledge and hands-on opportunity to learn at IYRS. Various tuition discounts may be offered to individuals taking more than one program, we recommend checking with our admissions team if this is something you’re considering.


Through our partnerships with Roger Williams University, Salve Regina University, and Community College of Rhode Island, IYRS student’s may apply credits earned in an accredited certificate program at IYRS to an Associates or Bachelor’s degree program at one of these area colleges or universities.
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