LinkedIn offers a great opportunity to connect and network within the IYRS community – all students & alumni are encouraged to join our private LinkedIn group. This is where we keep you up to date on many unique and exclusive job opportunities for IYRS students and alumni.

> Access private LinkedIn job board & community for IYRS students alumni


Networking is all about making connections and building relationships. It can be done in a formal or informal setting and can range from a quick introduction from a friend to a formal interview. The trick to networking is finding the approach that you are most comfortable with and maximizing opportunities that come your way.

Get started with building your network as early as possible:

  • Create a LinkedIn profile
  • Consider starting a blog or digital portfolio of your projects
  • Subscribe to trade publications in industries that interest you
  • Read relevant blogs, reddit, and subscribe to free newsletters
  • Join a relevant group or association
  • Attend local industry networking events – Rhode Island offers many!
  • Get to know IYRS faculty & staff, as well as fellow students across all programs
  • Consider reconnecting with former teachers, mentors and guidance counselors
  • Consider who may be in your extended network – friends of friends, friends of the family, etc.