First Year


Boatbuilding-Curriculum-1First term begins with shop safety and tool and machine use. Students will progress from a series of bench projects designed to develop tool-use skills directly into the restoration of a small boat. In addition to the restoration work, students will measure a small boat, loft the lines, and create a scale lines plan and half model. Portfolio items completed by the end of the semester will include several small tools, a toolbox, a lines drawing, a half-model, and photo documentation of restoration projects. Subjects covered will include hull shape, lines drawings, and the fundamentals of wooden hull construction, materials and technology.

Courses: Shop Safety, Hull Shape and Lofting, Historic Documentation I, Restoration Practicum I


Boatbuilding-Curriculum-4During the second term students will measure a small boat, loft the lines, and develop construction details full size on the lofting, Following the lofting students will have a two week introductory course in the use of the computer aided design program, Rhino. Project documentation techniques are introduced. Students continue the restoration of their project boat. Portfolio items for the second semester will include a second lines plan and construction drawings and photo documentation of restoration projects. Subjects covered will include hull shape and lines drawings, construction drawings, basic structural marine engineering, fundamentals of wooden hull construction and materials and technology.

Courses: Documentation and Drafting, Restoration Practicum II


Boatbuilding-Curriculum-2The final term of the first year builds on restoration skills developed in the previous semesters as well as basic boat handling, seamanship and navigation. The summer term also includes a choice of completing an off-site internship, or an independent study project which allows students to complete self-selected projects that address their individual interests and proficiencies. Portfolio items will include photographic documentation, and the end product of the internship or independent study project.

Courses: Sailing and Seamanship, Independent Study

Second Year


Boatbuilding-Curriculum-5The first term begins with a review of shop safety. The first week is dedicated to a course in hull survey and assessment resulting in student survey reports of selected vessels. The second week is dedicated to a course in project management. Included in the project management course are real time exercises in materials costing and procurement, labor estimates, business fundamentals, and contracts and customer relations. Students then begin the restoration of their second year project boat. Project management and labor estimating are applied directly to the second year restoration project. During advanced lofting, students learn the techniques used to transfer the shape of the faired hull to patterns and molds used in the restoration of the subject boat. Students then focus on the restoration of the hull framework and planking. Students also focus on improving craftsmanship as well as the management of restoration projects. Portfolio items will include photographic documentation of restoration project, survey report, bill of materials, table of scantlings, labor estimate, contract agreement and lines /construction plans.

Courses: Survey and Assessment, Project Management, Advanced Lofting, Restoration Practicum IV


Boatbuilding-Curriculum-3The second term focuses on the final phase of a yacht’s hull restoration and includes joinery such as decks, cockpit furniture, hatches, and interior bulkheads. The final phase of the restoration includes finishing and fitting out with hardware and sailing rig. Portfolio items include photographic documentation of the restoration project.

Course: Restoration Practicum V