Telli the Creator


By Telli Quinn
Student Ambassador for the Digital Modeling & Fabrication Program at IYRS

Hi I’m Telli and I’m a Digital Modeling and Fabrication (DMF) student. I have lived here for most of my life but had only recently heard of IYRS which I soon found was a perfect fit for me.

I have been working on a wooden schooner in Newport for the past 5 years and thought it would be cool to learn more about how they are made and maintained, which is what brought me to IYRS originally. During my tour I discovered the DMF program and found how exciting and innovative it was. The fact that with today’s technology ideas can readily become physical items is intriguing to me.

I chose the DMF program because of how versatile the skills and machines are for any industry – not just boating. Already within the first month we have become comfortable with all of the machines in the shop,  started modeling in CAD (SolidWorks) and have used the laser cutter, which has been my favorite part so far.

Down the line we’ll start getting into 3D printing and metal carving which I cannot wait. I am just beginning to discover all of these amazing companies both in the marine industry and not, that design and manufacture ideas into digital models, then into useful parts and I can’t wait to be a part of that process even after the program.

I am still unsure where I want to be a year from today and am excited to further my discovery process throughout the program. Creating has always been a part of me, and lately I have been investing in myself to making music as well. I have been singing with an indie-rock band for the past few years and have been loving it. I hope to always have time for music and creativity no matter where I am or what I am doing.


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