Marine Systems Crimp Competition


The following post was written by Dr. Scott Monroe, Program Manager of the Marine Systems Program at IYRS.

Skill and Workmanship on an individual level were tested as Dave Wood, General Manager of FTZ Industries, and Thomas Mott, from Kellogg Marine Supply, came to IYRS to educate our students on the importance of quality marine electrical connections. They stressed the importance of using the proper tools and connectors for each type of electrical connection. Improperly crimped wire can have devastating results!

American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) standards set a tensile value for connectors, so we saw how good our students could crimp, a.k.a. “The Pull Test”.  Each student crimped connectors to the ends of a wire and tied it to a scale and determined the failing point of the connector.  Happy to say that all students exceeded the 30 lb rating for a 14 g wire, with the winning value at 65 lbs! Will Ingram (bottom, far left) won “The Pull Test” and received a coveted Heavy Duty Crimping Tool from FTZ and Kellogg.   Ty Stewart and Nico Testa also received prizes for 2nd and 3rd place finishes, respectively.  Congratulations everyone and thank you Dave Wood and Tom Mott!