Jay Coogan, President

A Massachusetts native, Mr. Jay Coogan has a broad academic and artistic experience as a maker. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts from Brown University and a Masters of Fine Arts in Sculpture from Hunter College. His art has been shown in numerous galleries and museums across the country. He has public commissions in the cities of Boston, Cambridge, Green Bay and Providence. As a faculty member at RISD, his teaching experience included classes in welding, casting, woodworking, and public art.

Mr. Coogan comes to IYRS after having spent nine years with Minneapolis College of Art & Design Minneapolis, Minnesota. In nine years at MCAD, Mr. Coogan raised the school’s national profile and developed innovative new academic programs, including Product Design and Entrepreneurial Studies majors and four new minors. He successfully led MCAD’s first capital campaign that raised $23 million for programs, scholarships, and facilities. He also drove MCAD’s student-oriented strategies that consistently increased student scholarships over his tenure.

Prior to joining MCAD in 2009, Mr. Coogan served successively as a faculty member, dean, and ultimately provost at RISD. While at RISD, he led the development of the Brown/RISD dual degree program, established the digital media graduate program, and oversaw five academic divisions. As part of spearheading the acquisition of two buildings in downtown Providence, he raised funds in support of RISD’s Center for Design & Business.

Mr. Coogan served as the chairman of the board of the 42-member Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design. He has also served on the boards of Forecast Public Art, the College Art Association, the National Council of Art Administrators, and the Museum of Art at RISD.

In his previous tenure in Rhode Island, he was on the boards of the Rhode Island Salvation Army, Slater Center for Design and Manufacturing, and the Edgewood Sailing School located on Narragansett Bay. He also was a founder of Pixilerations, a digital media arts showcase collaboratively developed with RISD, Brown, MIT and FirstWorks.

“I’m so pleased to become President of IYRS and be able to apply my over 30 years of experience leading art and design schools. IYRS is at the vanguard of a new approach to higher education and experiential learning. It is destined to become a world-renowned craftsmanship school. I’m thrilled to be leading this effort at an exciting time in the maker’s movement.”

IYRS Board of Trustees

Joseph T. Dockery, Chairman
Ronald P. O’Hanley, Vice-Chairman
Matt Brooks, Vice-Chairman
Darrell Crate, Treasurer
Michael J. Dominguez, Secretary
Jay Coogan, President

Connell Christopher Cannon, Chair of the Development Committee
Malcolm D. Clarke, Jr., Chair of the Nominating & Governance Committee
Christopher J. Culver
Peter Denton
Alex Egan
Juergen Friedrich
Glenn F. Fuller
Stephen L. Glascock
Lawrence Glenn, Chair of the Program Advisory Committee
Deborah L. Hadley
Seth Hagen, Class of 2002
James A. Hilton, Chair of the Regatta Committee
Ralph Isham
William Kahane
John L. Klinck, Jr.
Terry L. Lanza
Douglas L. Newhouse
Carol L. O’Malley
Harry T. Rein
Isabella Dana Ridall
Tim Rutter
Mark E. Watson
J. Steven White

Trustee Emeritus

David Elwell Emeritus
Peter Gonzalez Emeritus
George M. Isdale, Jr., Emeritus
Gary Jobson, Emeritus
Edward W. Kane, Emeritus
Earl McMillen III, Emeritus
John Mecray, Emeritus*
Gerry Migliaccio, Emeritus

*Indicates deceased