IYRS Leadership Biographies

Terry Nathan, President

In 2004, Terry Nathan joined IYRS as President. He is the architect and chief executive of the school’s development and long-term strategy to become an experiential learning school – building on IYRS’ strong roots in the marine trades industry. Starting with the creation of a senior management team and the development of the school’s Board of Trustees, under Nathan’s leadership, the school has grown substantially into a sustainable enterprise.

Prior to joining IYRS, Mr. Nathan spent over 20 years in the software industry, mostly in three start-ups as a partner and operating executive. He is co-founder of The Media Services Group, a major supplier of ERP systems to publishers. He has consulted for international publishers, including Forbes, Transcontinental Media, Collaboratek an HP spinoff, and other content groups. Following college, Nathan spent 3 ½ years on Madison Avenue. He holds a BA degree in humanities and a masters degree in literature and writing. He has served on several education and marine trades Boards.

IYRS Board of Trustees

Joseph T. Dockery, Chairman
Ronald P. O’Hanley, Vice-Chairman
Matt Brooks, Vice-Chairman
Darrell Crate, Treasurer
Michael J. Dominguez, Secretary
Terry Nathan, President

Connell Christopher Cannon, Chair of the Development Committee
Malcolm D. Clarke, Jr., Chair of the Nominating & Governance Committee
Christopher J. Culver
Peter Denton
Alex Egan
Juergen Friedrich
Glenn F. Fuller
Stephen L. Glascock
Lawrence Glenn, Chair of the Program Advisory Committee
Deborah L. Hadley
Seth Hagen, Class of 2002
James A. Hilton, Chair of the Regatta Committee
Ralph Isham
William Kahane
John L. Klinck, Jr.
Terry L. Lanza
Douglas L. Newhouse
Carol L. O’Malley
Harry T. Rein
Isabella Dana Ridall
Tim Rutter
Mark E. Watson
J. Steven White

Trustee Emeritus

David Elwell Emeritus
Peter Gonzalez Emeritus
George M. Isdale, Jr., Emeritus
Gary Jobson, Emeritus
Edward W. Kane, Emeritus
Earl McMillen III, Emeritus
John Mecray, Emeritus*
Gerry Migliaccio, Emeritus

*Indicates deceased