Although IYRS does not currently offer on-campus housing, we work with students to help locate safe and affordable residence options. IYRS maintains a close relationship with local real estate agent offices as well as local organizations that help match roommates together. As a result, we are able to provide students and families trusted referrals, as well as recommended websites for Newport and Bristol housing.

Housing in Newport and Bristol

Recommended Websites & Local Realtors


IYRS provides free parking for students at our Newport & Bristol campuses.

Area Hotels

Public Transportation

Newport, RI operates a reliable and reasonable public transportation system. Additionally, Lyft & Uber operate within the area.
> RIPTA Schedules, Maps & Information



Located directly on the IYRS Newport campus is Zipcar, a car sharing service which is an alternative to traditional car rental and car ownership.

Visit to sign up. Cost to join is only $15 making it a great option for students without a car in Newport.