Bill Kenyon (IYRS Alumnus)
Managing Instructor

Bill Kenyon headshotAfter 25 years in the restaurant management business, which included many years of sailing and working on his own boats, Bill Kenyon decided it was time to pursue his passion, and enrolled at IYRS in 2004. After graduating in 2006, Bill worked in the carpentry shop at Hinckley Yacht Services in Portsmouth, RI for three years. Bill also worked on East Passage Boatwrights in Bristol, RI on a complete restoration of the 1952 5.5 meter Complex II and Skylark the Sparkman & Stephens sister ship to Dorade, as well as a near total restoration of the Herreshoff  NY 30 Banzai at Wooden Boatworks in Greenport, NY. Bill returned to IYRS in 2010 as an instructor of the first year Boatbuilding program.

Warren Barker
Senior Instructor

Warren Barker headshotWarren Barker, instructor of Boatbuilding and Restoration, remarked to a friend at Williams College that after graduation he was going home to build a boat with his father.  Little did he know that over thirty-five years later he would still be building boats. During that interval he took his degree from college and further training in furniture design and construction to Maine to enter the revitalized wooden boatbuilding field, to Rhode Island to build cold molded and composite boats for sail and power, and to Massachusetts to build custom boats with his own name on the letterhead. Having taught at IYRS for a decade, he has realized what he saw as an opportunity to build or rebuild a myriad of boats by a multitude of designers while instilling in a new generation the passion and enthusiasm for the trade and its teachers that has carried him throughout his career.

Joel Senger (IYRS Alumnus)

Joel Senger headshotJoel Senger graduated from IYRS School of Boatbuilding & restoration in 2005. Before enrolling in IYRS in 2003, Joel was a trim carpenter for high end residential homes in New Buffalo, MI. After graduating IYRS, he waited exactly two days before joining the marine industry, working at a local boat shop in Newport where he got his feet wet working and restoring a myriad of boats, from S-boats to Lapstrake dinghies. When Museum of Yachting and Boothbay Harbor Shipyard teamed up to build a replica of Olin Stephens first 6 meter design Cherokee , Joel was fortunate enough to join the build team and during this time, he was also a part time teaching assistant at IYRS.  After Cherokee was launched, Joel joined to crew at M, P, & G of Groton, CT, getting a chance to help in the commissioning of Spartan, the only Herreshoff NY 50, and the rebuild of Amorita, a Herreshoff NY 30 that was severely damaged during a regatta in Newport.  Joel joined the IYRS instruction team in 2011 where he enjoys fulfilling his need to teach and problem solve and be a part of the life changing experience that a student goes through.

Hans Scholl (IYRS Alumnus)
Teaching Assistant

Stories-Hans-Scholl-Uses-SteamBox-at-IYRSHans Scholl enrolled in the IYRS Boatbuilding & Restoration program in 2012, making a life change after working for more than 25 years in management positions in Pharmaceutical and Life Science Industries. Enjoying woodworking, boats and being out on the water from early on in his life, he began building wooden kayaks and small boats in his off-time. Since 1997, stopping by at the International Yacht Restoration School was on top of his list during many visits to Newport and ultimately led to turning his passion into a second career.  Studying at IYRS brought the opportunity of restoring the Quincy Adams 17 sloop, PLUM, and exposure to large ship building during his summer internship on the schooner yacht CORONET. After graduation, Hans worked at East Passage Boatwrights in Bristol, RI, where he was involved in restoration and repair of Herreshoff, Sparkman & Stephens and also of contemporary yachts. In addition to hands-on work, he used his industry and quality management experience to optimize shop work and implement procedures to define efficient practice. Hans joined the IYRS instructor team in the summer of 2016. He regards IYRS as an inspiring environment to teach traditional wooden boatbuilding skills and he is enthusiastic about helping students to lay a solid foundation and enabling them to build satisfying and successful careers in the marine industry.

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