Careers at DM&F
The Digital Modeling & Fabrication program embeds career discovery, exploration, and experience across the 9-month curriculum.
Students augment their technical skills with project management, collaborative problem-solving, and design-thinking. Students pursue meaningful career paths through real-world application in every IYRS experience. The DM&F curriculum tailors the learning experience to ensure students develop in-demand skill-sets needed to close industry skill gaps while nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit valued by start-ups across a broad range of industries.
Students graduate with a skill-set that allows for cross-departmental collaboration and contribution within the Research & Design labs, the shop floor, and even the C-suite of startup, mid-sized or large corporate environments.

Direct your IYRS experience toward existing and emerging industries:

  • Project management
  • Product development
  • Collaborative problem-solving
  • Critical-and design-thinking
  • Physical computing
  • Technical machining
  • Computer-aided-manufacturing
  • Rapid prototyping

With hands-on experience with state of the art tools, the DM&F program prepares students for:

  • Manufacturing technician
  • Managing shop technician
  • Quality assurance/control technician
  • Product designer
  • Product developer
  • Fabrication studio manager
  • Design client manager
  • Startup business