IYRS works with schools, industry, and government groups to create short, custom programming to meet specific training needs. These programs can be developed for new or incumbent workers, academic institutions, or as an introduction to a particular material or method. Below is a sample of the custom programming and collaborations to date:

  • Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design IYRS developed a Composites Fabrication course for Harvard’s GSD students focusing on the integration of composites technologies and conventional construction practice, and contemporary architectural design. > More Info on Harvard & IYRS
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology IYRS hosted architecture students from M.I.T. to enhance their theoretical understanding of composites by creating their models, and promoting the use of “green” materials in modern architecture.
    > More Info on MIT & IYRS
  • Rhode Island School of Design The students in the Industrial Design program at RISD came to IYRS to learn about the properties of natural-fiber composites and use our lab space to build from their designs.
  • U.S. Army IYRS developed a 3-day course for the U.S. Army exploring the use of composites technology applied to building stronger, lighter, and more efficient shelters.
  • U.S. Navy IYRS provided continuous training for U.S. Naval Officers involved in the maintenance and restoration of their fleet.
  • U.S. Coast Guard IYRS developed a 2-day training program on survey and assessment of wooden hull structures for USCG Marine Safety Inspection Officers.


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