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Feb 15

Written by: Tom
2/15/2012 10:37 PM 

Big Exam on Friday, by Beth

It’s a quiet week in the Systems program. We’re all hunkered down, studying for the ABYC Marine Systems Certification exam on Friday. They like to schedule these things just before a break; we have next week off. We took the first big test, the ABYC Marine Electrical, just before Thanksgiving.

The systems test covers potable water systems, sanitation systems, fuel systems, steering, pumps, seacocks, fire suppression, refrigeration, and on and on and on. The electrical test covered an incredible amount of material and was daunting to study for at the time, but it seems so simple in retrospect: DC electrical and AC electrical. It had nowhere near the breadth of the Systems exam. The tests are the same length: three hours, about 200 questions. You really have to pace yourself. It’s open book, but with the time constraint, I figure I have to know cold about 80% of the questions so I have time to look up the really tricky ones.

We’ve installed most of these systems in our hulls. We worked on the refrigeration systems on the shop floor and we discussed LPG systems in class. Tying the theory to hands on experiences has been the goal all along, and as I review the rule book I can think back to our installation work.

It’s about time to get back to the books, but here are a few pictures before I go:

Learning how to work with refrigerants safely, and keep them from escaping into the atmosphere

Sweating copper pipe

A fuel polisher some of our crew made that will come in handy for years to come

Wish us all luck on the test!


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